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Strength in Numbers

Article reprinted from Inside Archery, Since 1995, the National Archery Buyers Association’s (NABA) goal has been to increase profit margins by giving archery pro shops group power to compete with large retail outlets.

Bowhunting Exercises: Back and Shoulders

Article reprinted from Bowhunter.com, by Dan Staton http://bcove.me/3t6btbdi On a hunt last year for Bowhunter TV, I had a bull elk in my lap for over three minutes, while all the brush in the state of Montana conspired against me as it hid the bull’s vitals. My muscles quivered as I held perfectly still at full […]

Fox News and The Washington Post Highlight Bowhunting

Article reprinted from Archerytrade.org, posted by Taylor Walston Fox News Features Bowhunter Cameron Hanes Professional bowhunter Cameron Hanes (pictured above) shared with Fox News how he got his start, and his views on hunting. Hanes didn’t dream of making a living as a hunter, but he did dream of using his love of the outdoors to […]

18.9 Million Americans Participate In Archery

Article reprinted from Archery360.com by Archery 360 Contributors Photo: Shane Indrebo The first nationwide archery survey showed that 18.9 million Americans age 18 and older participated in archery and/or bowhunting in 2012. The Archery Trade Association (ATA) recently released the results of the new survey, which was conducted in the same way as Gallup polls. […]

Don’t Just Fish, BOW Fish!

Article reprinted from Archery360.com by Patrick Durkin Photo: Luke Hopkins, StandUpJournal.com Bowfishing has been growing in popularity in recent years as more beginning archers look for fun shooting opportunities for spring and summer. As with almost everything in archery, you can get into bowfishing at nearly any price point you choose. For basic equipment, some […]